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Name Title Phone
Shu-Fen Tu Professor; the dean and director of the Institute 886-28611801-35901
Wang,Fu-Hsing Professor 886-28611801-35927
Huey-Ming Lee Professor 886-28611801-35911
Chang,Chung C. Professor 886-28611801-35921
Wen-Gong Shieh Professor 886-28611801
M.T.Wang Associate Professor 886-28611801-35922
Chong-Yen Lee Associate Professor 886-28611801-35923
Wuu-Yee Chen Associate Professor 886-28611801-35926
Hwang,Yann-Jong Associate Professor 886-28611801-35925
Chein-Shung Hwang Associate Professor 886-28611801-35924
Heng-Sheng Chen Associate Professor and director of the information Center 886-28611801-16001
Pin Yu Assistant professor 886-28611801-35933
Yan-Liang Li Assistant professor 886-28611801-35934
Kuo,Nai Wen Assistant professor 886-28611801-35931
Yu yuan-chih Assistant professor 886-28611801-35947
James Tsui Assistant professor 886-28611801-35945
Yao, Ching-Bang Assistant professor 886-28611801-35946
Ju-Sheng Huang Instructor 886-28611801-35943
CHEN, CHIU-YEN Assistant 886-28611801-35906
Cheng, Chun-Chieh Assistant 886-28611801-35905